Technology and the Law, The 21st Century Law Practice

Head in the Clouds

Collaboration is a key component in the everyday work routine of an attorney.

I’m constantly tapping into my personal, professional network, to get things moving along on a particular case. As an attorney my number one function is to work with and through people to get things accomplished. It would be nice to have technology work the way an attorney works.

I’m a people person. I love people. I enjoy meeting and talking to new people all the time. Moreover, it is part of my job as an attorney to be a people person.

Lawyers need to collaborate all the time, to share the workload, discuss specific facets of a case, bring the case team together to achieve a common purpose.  Legal matters are all about information and information needs to be shared. Even the sole practitioner needs working partners on a case. Details make the difference, and the details are in the information that needs to be shared.

In short, collaboration is about sharing information and details with the members of a case team.  Collaboration is about sharing information amongst your colleagues in your personal professional network to better service the client.  Collaboration is in deed, a vital component, in the everyday work life of an attorney!

Moreover, I need to be connected to my case and my case team or my personal professional network of colleagues, at anytime of the day.

Cloud Technology enhances all facets of my collaborative outreach at my firm. I can check in on case activity with my cell phone or my tablet, while on the road or in court or during a quick stop at the grocery store.

The Cloud provides a means for me to always be connected with the people I’m working with, staff or client or court, so that my collaborative nature is always efficient and organized, getting things done.

I run into other attorneys who struggle way more than me in this area because they have not evolved their work habits with the technology.  Now that I’m constantly in the cloud, I’ve learned to fly with ease.


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